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Whishlist - new area needed!!

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Hi, I welcome this forum. I think we should create a new area for the wishlist/improvements... Hopefully, someone from microsoft should be looking at this kind of stuff.

Let me start:

-A simple "digital camera" program. Sometimes I just want to take a picture, not create MM Message. By the way, allow the capture of pictures with a more natural key - say, the power key, and perhaps even with an automatic rotation of the camera.

-The "Notes" feature from Outlook is great and missing here!!!

-Larger fonts available please! (may be they are already there - just bought my phone)

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Why the 6280?

I have to confess, I personally don't like series 60 at all, but although the 6280 seems 'OK'...


There's nothing on there that would appeal to me over, say, a HTC Prophet...


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