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Please please please...

The user with the picture showing his/her car is gettin annoying!

any1 else agree!!

Ive seen the car, aint all that :D

and well... i think ive seen it 50 plus times today! grrrrr

<< replace it with that and get rid of it :twisted:

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Is this turning into a car forum? Everyone's avatars seem to be car badges now! (OK, so I can't speak about great avatars, but that's not the point - Papa Lazarou had a horse and cart!)

Bring back Bart Paul! ;)

As for animated gifs of clapped out Jetta's in sigs, just don't get me started :wink:

On a slightly seperate subject, why does that guy who has the Audi TT in his sig list an armrest as one of the main features alongside the engine and wheels? Don't get me wrong, they're nice cars, but getting excited about an armrest? Am I missing something?!

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