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Hello chaps (and the 2% of you who are chapesses!)

First post on here, so I'll start off with a real newb question.

I picked up my SPV last week, and I've been through all the same niggling problems as everyone else seems to have been through, so Orange / Mickeysoft still haven't done much.

My question is this. On the back of the SPV, at the top above the "windoze" logo, there is a small, grey rubber bung. Being the inquisitive type, I yanked this off and found a little gold conector nestled deep inside.

Anyone know what this is for? It looks like an external aerial or something, but I'm not too sure...any ideas, or did I just answer my own question?


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Source: http://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk/

ORA is to exclusively distribute accessories for Orange's SPV smartphone in Europe. The range will be labelled 'Orange SPV Accessories' and includes an in-car charger, mains charger, stereo handsfree, sync stations, case, data leads, spare battery and a camera. All will be supplied in original Orange packaging.


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