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Does M3000 headset work reliably with SPV M2000

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Just been offered a free upgrade to M2000 by Orange, which makes a question about M2000/M3000 compatability posted to the smartphone forum even more urgent (not because there's a chance that I'm going to turn down a free upgrade, but because I'm definitely going to need a headset with the M2000 as there's no way I'm walking around holding a brick to my ear :) ).

I've been told by plantronics customer support that the reason why my M3000 headset drops calls (actually - it switches itself off!) is because that headset (and all other of their headsets) are not compatable with the bluetooth driver of the E200. I am about to upgrade to an SPV M2000 and want to check whether the problem is the same there - the plantronics CS person told me that the problem remains. Can anyone confirm?

[i'm actually quite surprised that I and the retailer of the M3000 had never heard of this incompatability issue before (they sent me a replacement unit the first time I reported the "dropped calls" problem). I did a Search on the forum and only noted a passing reference to the M3000 dropping calls. I either missed a whole bunch of posts on this, or the problem isn't as severe as Plantronics would have me believe?]

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I use an M3000 with my M2000.

I've not had a call dropped with the headset, however there have been a couple of occasions where the headset hasn't picked the call up when the phone has rang. However a couple out of the 50 or so calls I've had isn't bad. It's performed better than the Nokia 6310i with the same headset.

Not even sure if I had the headset turned on for the 2 calls. What I do now is turn the headset on first, then turn Bluetooth on, on the M2000.

It's 100 times better than the E200 for Bluetooth. I only got a few calls to work successfully with the E200, and at least half of these dropped partway through.

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