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How to get Sound/Vibrate when SMS arrives???

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i know this...



sounds and notifications

notifications tab

select event - messaging new text message

it all in there.... if u want your own sound then you have to put it in the windows directory for it to find it to use...

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good. this helps me. but i want my jam to only make sounds (and vibrations) when i get an incoming call, a text/email and alarm notifications!? any ideas?

text messaging is not covered that well by the jam to be honest, but the keypad entry is excellent. you can do it one handed ( i wasnt convinced before i got it!)

off to the pub now, and have put my jam away and got the mpx200 back out. couldnt cope if it got hurt!!!!!getting the sim back out is bloody tough. there is a little hole where you can level it out with the stylus :wink:

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