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Anyone know when the Jam will be available direct from O2 &a

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Having upgraded to an SPV M2000 three weeks ago, I'm annoyed to see that Orange are now going to launch their own version of the Jam.

Much as I love my M2000, I like the size of the Jam, and rarely use the slide-out keyboard on the M2000. I would miss wi-fi on the Jam, but have a wi-fi SD card anyway.

Why can't Orange just stick to one device, before P***ing their customers off my launching upgrades after such a short time? I know the field of mobile technology is changing rapidly, but this happened to me when I bought my SPV and SPV E200. I also know that the Jam is not necessarily an upgrade on the M2000, as the M2000 has its advantages, but if I had known they would be running both models I would have postponed my upgrade.

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