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Hard Reset your smartphone

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]Before you do a Hard Reset you will lose all information saved on your phone. Be sure to back contacts up using active sync, or another method. Some users like backup applications suck as sprite. I would not rely on this to save your contacts.

- You should only ever Hard Reset when your battery is full. It seems the phone remembers the level of charge when a Hard Reset is performed, meaning your phones battery will last a shorter time after the Hard Reset if you dont fully charge the battery.

SPV / E100 / E200

1. Turn off the SPV.

2. Hold the 'Voice Memo' button down while turning on the SPV.

3. Press and hold the Action button (joystick middle button) for 2 seconds as instructed.

4. Press 8 to select 'Erase IPSM data'.

5. When it has finished doing this (it takes a while), it will say PASSED. Press the left direction pad twice and choose 3 to close the diagostics.

6. On the three colour 'Canary PV' screen, hold the power button down. This will re-start the phone with the Orange Sunset screen.

For MPX200 / MPx220

1. Turn off the phone

2. Hold the action button and power button

3. Press Left softkey select "YES" to Hard Reset

Sometimes selecting NO can cure software problems and save you losing your data.

FOR THE C500 /smt5600 / SP3 / SP3i / SP5 / SP5m

Power off the phone and unplug it from the computer.

1. Press and hold soft1 and soft2 keys.

2. Press and hold power button for around 1 to 1.5 seconds. Release power button. Keep hold soft1 and soft2 keys.

3. Later, screen shoould show instructions to ask user to press '0' key to reset to factory default.

4. Press '0' within the timeout period, which is only several seconds only.

5. If no instruction is shown on the screen, repeat steps 1 to 4.

The timing is sensitive.

For Voq Professional Phone

1. While the Voq Professional Phone turned off and unplugged, remove the battery and then replace.

2. Flip-open QWERTY thumbpad.

3. Press and hold space key and simultaneously press and hold On/Off button until the Voq Professional Phone turns turns on completely (approximately 5 - 10 seconds). The space key and On/Off button may be released after a blue screen will appear stating: Factory Reset Mode!!! Erasing flash... Percent

4. Do not interrupt the Factory Reset until the Home screen appears. (approximately 3 minutes)

For Mitac Mio 8380

1. With the phone off hold the record button down.

2. Press the power button.

3. After the mitc animation...release the record button.

For Mitac Mio 8390

1. While turned off hold down the power button and 'down' button on the d-pad.. the phone should vibrate and go into the bios.

2. Click on memory test (option 4)

3. Select NAND Format (option 2) and that should hard reset the phone

4. Click on reboot to complete.

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