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File Name :: Orneta Paint

Author :: www.msmobiles.com

Category :: Tools - Productivity

Description ::

Some features of the Orneta Paint program:

creating and editing of images in formats: BMP, JPG - to save as BMP or JPG just use Save and put ".bmp" or "jpg" at the end of the file name

user interface especially designed for single handed use - switching of tools in tool box can be done both from menu and by scrolling through the toolbox with "*" and "#" keys

cursor that is very pleasant and works in 3 modes:

Normal - use cursor and action key to move and to draw

With Accelerator - if you keep pressing in given direction then cursor accelerates - moves faster than normally

With Gliding - very funny way of drawing - the cursor moves without touching of the keypad and you can turn it to various directions; in this way you can draw faster without the need to keep the keys pressed

sending of images through e-mail as an attachment

toolbox for drawing and editing of images consists of the following tools:

Pen - to draw

Area Selector ("Selection") - to copy and paste areas

Eraser - to erase parts of the imae

Flood Fill - to quickly fill areas enclosed by a line


Color Selector ("Chose Color") - to pick a color to be used by other tools

Pen Width Selector - to pick a width of the line used by other tools

built-in mini file browser to open and save files to/from any location

Copy/Paste/Clear/Copy To../Past from.. functions

installation program so that after installation the program appears in "Accessories" menu

You will need a registration code for this application, click here for more information.

Many thanks to Jacek Rutkowski from MS Mobiles, who now owns the Orneta applications, for allowing their inclusion in our database.

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