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well i have had my used spv for about 9 months and it is dying. i thought i would post the symptoms to see if anyone knows why or how to fix it.

First what happened was i have had my phone all setup for about 3 months (no configuration canges no new programes added or removed). My phone had been acting slow this whole time so finlly i got tired of it using so much memory so i removed the program Pocket Controller. well it crashed during uninstall and couldn't competlly remove it. so i decided to go ahead and do a master reset. that went well in i resetup my gprs and started to use the phone and sync it up with outlook, well wile syncing i recived a phone call so i grab the phone off the base and it freezes. i pull the battery out put it back and turn it back on and try to return the call i just missed and it freezes, pull the battery out wait 30 sec put it back turn it on dial the number rings once then frezzes. so i decied to reflash the rom. That all goes sucsesfuly. i try to dial a number with a fresh install of the rom and the phone frezzes, i Pull the battery again put it back turn it on put it on the base station it frezzes. i pull the battery again put it back turn it on leave it alone for five min. and when i come back its frozzen. i thought mabey that my sim may have gone bad but it works just fine in my ericsson t39. i even pulled out the mmc card, but nothing i did would get the phone to stay working for more than 5 min.

any idea on what may have caused this to happened?

thanks in advance

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