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Audio over Bluetooth, any smart bods around?

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Hi all, I am not a newbie and I have tried all the articles on getting music etc to play through a BT headset and I cant get any of them to work :D

I've tried the CCDIAL, I've tried the switching on and off at certain times and switching the headset on and off at the right time as well but nothing works :D

So I have been thinking, when you are in your car driving along or sitting at home with your BT headset. Whichever situation you are in generally speaking if you press your headset button then music or another sounds etc will not be sent to the headset.

However when a call comes your phone 'activates' the headset and bingo you get the call through the headset and I have on a couple of occasions managed to get Media Player running and by messing around at the end of the call I have managed to get the music in my headset.

So what I am thinking is that when a call comes in something must happen, either another program is run which diverts the audio of the device to the headset, or a process is stopped/started etc which then causes the audio to be transferred to the headset. Either way the phone does something which causes the audio to be transferred to the headset.

What I am suggesting is that if someone can track down what this program/process/event is that occurs when a call comes in then hopefully a small program could be created which can activate the the audio/BT transfer whenever we want :?:

So come on any bods out there, is this feasible :?:

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