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Mitac 8380 won't start

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I've just got a brilliant Mitac 8380 from a friend, who attempted to upgrade its ROM, and according to him it didn't work, so he just unplugged the phone from the PC.

The phone won't boot now, it shows a black screen, and it won't switch off unless the battery is removed.

When i hold down the recording button and power it on, nothing happens. (Is this buttons combination the correct to enter the bootloader?).

But even if the phone is powered off, when i plug it on the USB cable Windows detect a new device, and ask for a driver. But i don't know what kind of driver it's looking for. I downloaded the 8380's driver from Mitac, and it's not that the one it's looking for.

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To enter the Bootloader hold down the asterisk and both softkeys when you turn on the phone.


Thank you for ur help. Although it doesn't seem to work :D

When the left softkey is held down, the phone won't power on.

I tried different combinations to press the 3 buttons right after the phone is turned on, but still nothing :D

Any ideas suggestions? I e-mailed Mitac Europe, hoping they can help me by sending them the phone for service or something, but still no reply yet.

Don't know what else to do

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Also I've jut noticed that when i start the phone using combination of buttons, some times it gives on the external display a number which increaments every time i statt the phone

0:1 0:2 0:3 0:4 etc

Any ideas what these are?

Phone's nonsense? some error codes?

Arg, this situation is killing me. I can find nowhere any helpful info on Mitacs


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