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Upgrading mitac 8380 to win2003

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There would have to be some form of official ROM for 2003 first and then it would also have to be leaked unless it was oficially leaked etc.

2003 on the MPX200 is only possible because of the above.

Do not be tempted to try the ROM from the 8390 as it will kill your phone.

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Is there a way to upgrade to win2003?mpx200 with slower processor can do it.So why cant mitac 8380 do it?Please advice...


Nope, mitac never released an update. Motorola supports their products which is why the mpx200 does run WM2003. Tomorrow it could run WM2005 and the 8380 will still never run WM2003. Check out a couple of the "Oops" messages in this section if you want to know what happens when you try to put WM2003 onto an 8380.

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