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In this post you will always find the latest versions of PPCProfiles-Pro

NB: Please try not to reply to this post so we can keep it clean for storing the latest download files.

Thanks ;)

PPCProfiles-Pro is provided free of charge for your enjoyment.

There is absolutely no pressure to do so but if you would like to make a donation to support the future development your most welcome.

Project Revision History


// Latest Release


Contains English, Italian, Swedish and German Languages

Contains fix to V3.00a (build 1.01) for reminders notification display.




// Latest Stable Beta Version



// Latest Not So Stable Beta Version (more functionality less testing)



// Old versions

Released Version (Contains fault in reminder notification display)



Contains a fix to display of today plugin on reboot for wm2003se devices





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Revision History

Version: V3.00a (build 1.02)

Full release version.

Bugfix to display of reminders notification.

Added 5 second delay when adding icon to tray in tray selection mode.

Version: V3.00a (build 1.01)

Full release version.

Modified Auto Switch Template time to use default system format.

Version: V3.00a beta6

Added hardware key usage to plugin

Remove widescreen icon spacing to stop scrollbar obsuring auto sync icon.

Changed spawing routine in today plugin to fix compatibility issues with wm2003.

Added bold text of current profile for all selection modes.

Added bitmaps for aplication and autosync in bitmap mode so the whole plugin can be skinned in the future.

: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PPCProfiles\APP Button Skin (60px wide(3x20) x ??px high.

: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PPCProfiles\SYNC Button Skin (40px wide(2x20) x ??px high.

Added Italian language.

Added Ability to use click thru for single click selection or not via popup dialog.

Added sounds when buttons pressed in popup selection dialog.

In tray app, changed return value of winproc to stop lines being drawn on screen when tap or tap & hold is used.

Version: V3.00a beta5

Changed size of popup.

Changed background of popup.

Removed OK button from popup.

Enlarged all buttons in popup.

Changed display of radio button to buttons.

Added 1 touch selection of profiles.

Made SYNC button close popup.

Made ABOUT button close popup.

Added smart location of popup based on tray or todayscreen selection.

Tray icon now reflects current profile selection.

Modified the way programs are spawned to try to alleviate startup lag and to strengthen memory management.

Removed flashing light from auto profile switching routine.

Version: V3.00a beta4

*Critical Bugfix to bugfix for auto sync starting when shouldnt.

Bugfix to display all text buttons when other than selectable profile is used.

Added display of existing sim pin when using dialog.

Bugfix to sip control in SIMPIN dialog

Bugfix to strengthen search results of notifications

Added new Setup menu option for Selection Order.

Set time format of autoswitch templates to 24hr time.

Bugfix to stop sip setting autoswitch template options back to original on close.

Version: V3.00a beta3

Added Swedish and German languages. Language is based on regional settings of device.

Added ability to reset flight mode (radio).

Removed horizontal space between icons from skin preview to match todayscreen.

Bugfix where auto switch template GetAutoTemplateOptions was creating a "new phantom" profile

Added refresh of todayscreen when selecting ok in selection options.

Added setting in registry for plugin height used from selection options.

Bugfix to popup selection where not showing profile names correctly.

Bugfix to today plugin to stop auto sync start on soft reset without rest of system knowing about it.

Changed auto sync icons in today plugion to be less confusing.

Version: V3.00a beta2

Bugfix to stop setting auto switch trigger when enabled with no days selected.

Added ability to store and automatically use SIM PIN when turning off flight mode.

Added ability to display profile names over buttons

Added ability to set text-over-button text alignment

Sped up the vibrate speed of "vibrate" and "vibrate and ring" ring types

Added ability to retain profile settings of previous installations.

Version: V3.00a beta1

Added ability to setup auto switch templates.

Added ability to display bitmap button preview gt 20px in height.

Added top and bottom lines of rectangle to represent plugin height

Bugfix where if notification options was set to 7 nothing was displayed.

Added ability to set reminder notification and repeat checkbox.

Added default entry to each notification on build

Added ability to display profile name under icon button for today plugin.

Added ability to control backlight and device power settings.

Bug fix on notification apply routine to stop skipping last item on list

Added ability to dynamically set the plugin height based on bitmap height.

If using text modes plugin height will be normal (24)

If using bitmap selectoin then plugin height will be bitmap height + 4.

Setup icon will automatically reposition to the middle of the plugin.

Text will automatically reposition to middle of the plugin.

Added formatting of horizontal button positions based on screen orientation.

Constrained selection of running setup program to left 20px

Added ability to display profile name under icon.

Changed to use new mutliple (more than 5) profiles

Added auto profile icon (switch) to today screen

Version: V2.01d beta1

Fixes to stop display problems on reboot under wm2003se

Version: V2.01c

Full release version.

Version: V2.01c beta2

Made ringtone location selection combobox select current location setup on dialog int.

Removed 5MINS quickswitch and add 1HOUR

Modified to get timer delays from the registry instead of using contants

Made plugin height 24 instead of 20 to make room around bitmap buttons

Version: V2.01c beta1

Added ability for ringtone locations to be modified.

Added tray selection front end.

Modified icons

Tidied up ringtonelocation wide dialog

Added ability to find already running applications and exit if they are.

Removed popup select from today dll and moved to new program PPCProfilesPopup.exe

Tidied up comments

General tidy up of code.

Added global timer intervals to allow for easier maintenance.

Modified icons

Removed demo/beta nag screen

Version: V2.01b

Complete rewrite of ppcprofiles-pro.

The rewrite separated ppcprofiles.dll from the setup options.

New program created. PPCProfilesOptions.exe

This new program handles all setup and option features for ppcprofiles-pro.

The today dll now only handles profile selection (not setting) for users, auto switch and quick switch.

Added finding of mp3 file to findringtones function.

Screen tidy up of widescreen dialogs.

Fixed bug where on reboot was not showing plugin.

Added gettriggeroptions to initializecustomitem function to allow auto mode to function at startup of plugin.

Edited by bretto

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