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Now you can email video to your friends

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MiTAC Mio 8380/8390 video file patcher

And even the Telit G91 and the Sagem My S-X9 (these phones are made by mitac)

I created this little program in my spare time. Have you ever tried to play on your pc any video recorded on your cellphone without installing the MiTAC bonus cd? Playback will fail! So, you can't send via e-mail any recorded video to your friends without attach the entire bonus cd. With this program you can play video on any pc with DivX version 3.11 or above installed.

So, your friends will be able to see the video!!

But... if MiTAC codec isn't installed, audio won't playback ;)

I'm studying a way to make audio playback possible, so, please don't email me asking why you can't hear the audio!

Usage: (read with attention please!)

Rename your video file to mitac.avi

Put it in the Video Patcher folder

Run the Video Patcher

Play your file ;)

Download MiTAC Mio 8380/8390 video file patcher version 3.01

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It seems only the Sagem My-sx7 (or 9, I don't remember) is produced by mitac.

The telit G91 it's the Mitac 8380.

In first firmwares of these phones, on boot time appears the mitac logo ;)

Mitac do things too fast and don't check its firmwares (see gapi on my poor 8390 :cry: :cry: )

However, my program is still buggy. When I have time I'll realize a windows gui and the selection of the file

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Update released!

Prior version isn't working correctly!!! :oops: :oops:

This is the 3.1! Now video works.

To get it use the previous link

Sorry for my slow beta testing :oops: :oops:

Of course my software doesn't make ANY backup copy so do it yourself :|

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