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Downgrade bootloader v1.10

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Hi Guys

Excellant forum, maybe someone can help me. Have Qtek 7070 that is stuck on canary screen. Bootloader version 1.10. Rom update Smart ( not me) 1.8.

Phone will only boot to Triscreen, no battery charge, Erase IPSM only.

Tried Winhex with 0.93 + 0.98 bootloaders on 128mb SD card.

Card found on boot but no indication of change. Reboot shows v1.10.

Tried Usbterm qfs 0 Finds SD card but problem applying change.

Tried Usbterm qfs 1 Finds SD card but problem applying change.

SD card copies data as removable disk from windows XP so I assume that card is OK. I assume Winhex format is FAT 16 (DOS) when load backup is selected.

This has got me stumped. Nice phone but exceptionally poor after sales service.

In Australia we sell IMate, O2 and Qtek but I cant find anyone to service them.

HTC website a joke. Maybe you guys can help?

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The bootloader 1.1 was designed to make downgrading hard to do and the likes of USB term will not work for changing bootloaders.

If you are stuck on the canary screen have you tried a hard reset to see if it will fix your problem?

Otherwise I would try and run the update for the phone.

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Thanx awarner for your thoughts.

v1.10 sure doesn't like being kicked out. Have tried reinstalling update but no go.

I am assuming that this calls for erasing eeprom and reinstalling bootloader and os. This could be done at service centre using hard link programmer. Too complicated. I should have read forum before jumping in and updating ROM.

Anyway thanx alot for your time.

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Have you tried the latest Qtek update for your phone?

Did you try an update to get the problem you are having now? if so which one?

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I have tried Qtek 1.50, Orange 1.6, SAP 1.8.

Yes I did try an update SAP1. Wrongly used 1.11 to update and haven't stopped pissing around since. :oops:

Probably had I used SAP 1.8 for SAP1 this may not have happened. It needs brute force to shift this little bastard. Maybe a BIG hammer!

Cheers :|

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Back onto this after a break trying to fix NEC. Have had success breaking 1.10 bootloader down to 0.93 whilst loading Qtek 1.5.

Thru previous posts ppl have played with NK.nbf files as substitutes once ROM takes and agrees to upgrade. What I found that worked was to take a reliable ROM that responded consistently without upgrading whether it be for compatability or downgrade reasons. In my case I found 0rg_uk to be reliable. I did notice phone would stop responding & sit at canary screen so played with activation. Found that running E200Unlock prior and during Rom activation would help get grey screen. Disconnect and reconnect USB cable during ROM seek also helps to maintain handshake.

Cut a long story short I ran org_uk ROM with org.dk NK.bbf file, refreshing e200 and re-establishing USB connection. Upgrade took and phone rebooted to 0.98 bootloader. Applied Qtek 1.5 ROM. Ran Winhex copied SD with 0.93 bootloader. Now phone has Qtek 1.5 with 0.93 bootloader.

Never give up!!

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