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look @ this link:


imo it doesn't work on 8390

it's the later firmware for the:


with wmp10!!

WHY THE HE** if you go to http://www.planetsagem.com/ you'l find TONS of ROM for the mitac 8870 (aka mys-7) and mitac don't distribute for its phones???

if it's powered by mitac, phone have lots of support

but if it's mitac original, you don't get any support :evil:

this is my first and last mitac :evil:

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There are a lot of reason to avoid mitac:


for making you an example, yesterday I tried the mio 168 GPS navigator VS the asus pda with the gps integrated. In a bad receiving situation, when the asus hooked 4 satellites, the 168 received only 2, giving a measure with a 300km error!

Plus, the light of the ext display of my 8390 after 2 weeks from buying disappeared :shock:


imate give a lot of rom updates, why mitac don't? M$ OS is far to be perfect and needs daily updates ;)

You have a problem? No, problem, send it to us! Oh, what a pity, we have only a support center in Taiwan and you have to pay all the s&h costs!

So, for a 439 euro cell phone, is a too s*** for me!!

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we have all learned to hate this phone. :roll: waste of money, waste of time ... piece of s***....


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