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Theme problem - going to home screen after 10 sec?

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I am not 100% if this is a "Voyager specific" problem, or if it could be posted in the Smartphone general forum, but trying here anyway..;)

I have tested some skins (CAB installs), and now i see that when i am into one of the sub-menus it will automatically kick me back into the Home screen after about 10 sec if im not doing something.

One example if im writing an SMS, and there is no activity for 10 sec - it will go to home screen and i loose the SMS.

Even if i switch to default theme, the same problem occur - so i think maybe it is one of the themes (The Incredibles is a suspect:) overwriting some timeout values for how the different screens are displayed.

Anyone know where i can go to change that? (of course i can flash my phone, again, but i thought maybe i would try to avoid it :D )

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