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iMate Pocket PC Problems

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I have a colleague at work who has an iMate Pocket PC. She says the following things about it:

It sounds like I am on the motorway whether on blue tooth or holding it to my ear (I am at my desk!)

It cuts out during the conversation

It also changes who you've dialled eg I redialled Macc and suddenly it was linking to my boss.

I am a bit concerned that it may have one of these new blue tooth viruses.

I suspect she's being paranoid (especially about the bluetooth virus thing) and is doing something wrong.

Can anyone suggest a few things I can get her to try.

She's not computer literate, so I'll have to talk her through anything more complicated than a soft reset (which was going to be my first step). I'd like to avoid a hard reset if possible, as it will be a pain in the arse to get all her software back on, especially TomTom3, but I will if necessary.

Thanks in advance ;)

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