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N E 1 help with these robbie tickets??

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Hi can N E body help..

I have 2 robbie williams tickets for Knebworth @ 12 o'clock on the 1st of Aug.

I have now been invited to a wedding abroad but would love to still go see robbie :wink:

could N E 1 let me know if they are prepared to swap for any of the other dates or venues E>G mayfield in edinburgh ?? not from 27 july to aug 10th???? as these are the date i am away....

LARGE reqeust i know but mybe just mybe??>>>> :?

kmon .....

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Damnit, forgot to log in.

Yes Guest was me ;)


Murrayfield in Edinburgh Saturday 28th June 2003 with a "Buy Now" price of £90.

The Knebworth tickets are selling for £85/75 so perhaps you could sell them on ebay for that much.

Also, loot.com might help too. Check out http://www.loot.com/scripts/lootsite.dll?s...bbie%20williams

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