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Does anyone have any guildlines on how to use the Ir link to connect my pocket PC 2002 to my SPV??

1. Can I send/recieve Email (and get an internet connection) on my pocket PC via GPRS or a 'normal' IR modem connection..

2. Can I write some text on my PDA then transfer it to the SPV to be sent as text/Email?

3. Can I do any sort of sync of Outlook with the Pocket PC to SPV via IR active sync?

I would be very thankful for any help, as I have 2 CE devices and not a clue how to get them to talk to each other!



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1: Not sure, not had chance to play...

2: Yes, but only as an atytachment in an e-mail (no copy and paste feature :lol:)

3: Doesn't appear to be possible...

Sorry to be so pesamistic :/

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