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Bit of registry help RE: WMP

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Alright, so I installed the Crystal WMP skin... And then I installed the iCandy theme and it also came with a WMP skin ... But now the movies aren't being resized to fit onto the screen? I think, anyway. I try to watch some movies (they are all .wmv and are made with windows movie maker), but some of the side edges are being cut off! It's not much, but enough for me to notice after seeing the files being played on the computer! It's almosst like PAL/NTSC, y'know, watching an NTSC DVD on a PAL TV screen and the edges are cut off ... But anyway, can someone please tell me the stockstandard WMP settings ? Or could someone please make me a .cab of their's? Thanks !

Note: All WMP skins have been removed/uninstalled.

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