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SPV HANGING, help ! Pls

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Dear All,

I have seen few thousand posts but no answer to my problem.

I have the old SPV, wich was working fine.

From rom 1.35 btl 0.98 I removed the sim lock, than I upgraded to 1.61 with btl 1.10 and the phone stayed sim unlocked. So far so good. Than I tried to remove the software lock so I can install Total Commander(great tool) And this is were everything went wrong.

So I tried to update the rom to Qteq 1.5 version and the same old story Erasing to 10% and then nothing, So I restart again, tried to switch the NBF files, tried to update again to orange 1.61 but I get Wrong Rom version, I thought the checksum got mixed-up, new download, again nothing.

Than I did the hard reset. Result PASSED, I said finally, but the phone still hangs on the Orange logo. After 10 hard resets, and taking of the battery for longer then 30 sec, waiting to reboot from 5 min up to 2 hours – NOTHING ! The phone is steel hanging on the orange screen.

Only thing I have not tried is to downgrade to 1.35 btl 0.93 or 0.98 , I want to but cant find 1.35 rom nowhere. I tried the Swiss Rom 1.50, the Dutch ROM 1.6 but it never even starts. When I use the TARUU.exe then I get to Erasing 10 % and that’s all.

Help please, I need the 1.35 ROM or any suggestions

On XP P4,2.8GHz, 1g ram

On W2k P2 266, 128 ram

Phone goes to canary mode now 1.10

Usb cradle works

Hard reset works

Battery is 100% OK

I tried with and without Orange SIM, with and without other SIM

I removed any Firewall,

Stopped every other service that might interfere

Thanks in advance,

GeorgeW ( the twin brother- but the smart one :) )

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There is a link on here for the 1.36 dk rom, try that one, having a look for the 1.35 for you, I have it on me other laptop which is miles away at the mo, if I can get it I will send link for you.

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The 1.3.5 update used to be available on monolithix.org but unfortunately the site is not running any more, this was in the days before dodgy ROMs started to appear.

The 1.6 ROM was designed to prevent you from altering just the bootloader and downgrading ROMs.

What actually went wrong with application unlocking to make you want to downgrade the ROM?

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