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T-Mobile Branding

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Can anyone help? Just unlocked my T-Mobile MDAIII, also done a hard reset and soft reset straight after calibrating, to get rid of T-Mobile branding on Today screen and Intellidialler.

Trouble is, I don't have an "extended rom" folder on re-boot, like I did on my MDA compact, so I dont have an "album" for my camera ...????

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

( MDAIII- rom-1.06.00ENG/08/05/04 - radio ver:1.00.00 -

Ext rom ver: 1.06.160ENG )


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The method you were using to prevent customisation that occurs after a hard reset isn't great as it not only prevents branding the phone but also the installation of applications and patches included in the external rom. Be aware the negatives of preventing these patches running (often to Bluetooth or wifi) could far outweigh the positives of no branding.

I don't know about on the MDA Compact as haven't used it. I do know though that on the MDA III the external rom where the patches to the operating system and extra applications are stored is hidden.

There's a tool out there which will unhide/unlock the external rom. Think this is what you'll need to get access to the album cab. See this link -> Blue Angel wiki: extended rom for info but be wary as messing with the extended rom could brick your new MDA III.

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