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Gonzo T Durden

PPCPP Popup.exe hangs

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Hi Bretto,

first of all thanks for that awesome utility for PPC!

I have the following issue when using your programm - which might also be a WM2003SE bug. I have assigned the Popup.exe to a hardware key (to switch profiles using keys only). This is working fine for some time after a reboot. After a while (or after some programs/services have been running) the popup.exe doesn't appear on the screen any longer. But when I switch FlightMode On an Off then the Profiles screen appears again... (even 2, 3, 4, ... times - depending on how impatience I was) But after some more time even this workaround doesn't help any longer and i have to do a soft reset to switch profiles using the keys again. Switching via the today screen isn't affected!

Seems like a service/timer/phone software issue to me... Maybe it's related to the WM bug where the LED continues blinking even if the SMS/mail has been read or the appointment reminder has been closed.

The PHM task manager is also affected (when using the 'application' view) - and I also checked PocketZenPhone (shame to me ;-) which had the same 'feature' (and was uninstalled the same minute). Other programs doesn't seem to be affected.

So - as I mentioned before - i don't think your program is the reason but maybe you have an idea what the reason is or how to bypass the issue. This would make WM less annoying :-)

Would be great if you have an idea / could solve the issue in a future release

Cheers and thanks a lot


Ups - wanted to post the message in the PPCProfilesPro thread... Maybe you can move it

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I dont have any answers off the top of my head.

The PPCProfilesPopup.exe program is simply a windows application and is at the mercy of the WM operating system. Its pretty simple. Lets you select a profile then shutsdown and runs another program which does all the tricky bits to envoke the selected profile.

Could be WM2003SE memory managment. The way I understand it is when you select to run a program and the system needs more resources than are available to do so the operating system is supposed to shut things down to enable the program to run. Having said that I find WM2003SE doesnt really do this well and at times takes forever to run things. But again I really dont have the answer for you sorry.

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Gonzo, Bretto,

I think I'm having similar problem and I suspect this may be not related to memory management. I was trying for quite some time to fing the repeatable way to reproduce it but unfortunately it doesn't happen always (this is on v3_00a__build_1.02 running on MDA Compact, WM2003SE):

0) there must be something here (like maybe receiving a call or getting a reminder of some appointment - haven't figured it out yet), but following steps are repeatable:

1) checking running programs - nothing there

2) checking Memory 21MB free for programs

3) taping on PPC tray icon - profile selector pops up - that's ok

4) entering calendar, and viewing some appointment, exiting calendar

5) taping on PPC tray icon - nothing pops up!

6) checking MEmory 20,5MB free for programs

7) checking running programs - calendar

8) stopping calendar and instantly...

9) profile selector pops up

10) when returning back to Today screen, PPC works fine for some time until 0-4 steps happen again.

Bretto - maybe you could make a version just for me or for everybody with logging option. You could put log messages into the code starting from the moment when tray icon receives the tap message up to the moment when the profile selector get's closed?



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Experienced this myself for the first time yesterday and I also had plenty or memory available.

There is a definate link between the calendar app and the delay in popping up both the options and the profile selector applications. This delay can be very lengthy but as you and others have suggested the applications come straight up as soon as you stop either activesync or the calendar.

But also strangely when they do finally run there doesnt appear to be a delay after that. At least with my testing.

Leave it with me and I'll see what I can work out.

Thanks for the feedback

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