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Cingular Losing signal... 8390

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I'm having a problem getting signal strength. I have had this 8390 for over a year and had had NO PROBLEMS.. suddenly over a week ago the signal strength has been bad. at work I get no signal at all, which i did until a week ago. I have done a Hard Reset and still no improvements. I have Cingular as a carrier and they have checked the area and have found no problems with any towers in the area. As per Cingular... I have another phone at work today that uses Cingular and it has full signal strength. So it comes to my phone having a porblem. Below is what my phone has and I'm looking for any help with upgrading anything to help with this issue.

Windows 2003

Version 4.20.0 (build 13349)

Radio Version R4.0.4 MBE43036-01-SCR5930 P2

Operator 4.20.13349.0


Microsoft 4.20.13349.0

Language 4.20.13349.0

File System 4.20.13349.0

Thanks in advance,


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