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clearstar    0

HI Steve,

Thanks for your answers!

Let me elaborate:

5b. If specialized counting modes are really desirable, one could let the user construct his own complex mode out of basic pieces.

E.g. basic pieces would be your current modes.

And user would make a list prescribing:

1. count down from 5 min

2. play alert

3. count up til 10 min

4. vibrate

5. play alert

6. count down from 5 min

7. play alert until dismissed

8. repeat (from 1.)


IMHO, better than preprogramming specialized modes, but not sure how many people want such a feature.

It would be essential to save it along with the timer set to avoid repeated entry.

Best, -- clearstar

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clearstar    0

HI Stevie Mac,

Upon using trying the program for a week, I have some further suggestions.

13. The stopwatch really drains battery quickly unless the Options->Backlight is set to 'Default'.

Otherwise, the screen doesn't dim down, and battery goes flat in 2 days instead of 6 as usual (for an Orqange C600).

I think it is best to make this the default setting (it seems half-power is now).

14. The backlight setting in 13. isn't remembered after the phone is powered down,

and gets reset to 'half power'. It is easy to forget to set it each time, and I have ended up with a flat

battery twice already.

Moreover, seems other settings are forgotten upon powerdown; e.g. the 'alert file'.

15. Mysterious bug: On two occasions, i have ended up with 4 and 6 running copies of Stopwatch, each consuming 2.2Mb of RAM, causing the phone to become sluggish. I don't recall doing anything special. Running stopwatch, hitting the 'end call' button to get to home screen, and 'end call' again to lock the phone. Then selecting stopwatch again from the row of recent apps on the home screen. Usually it doesn't start a new copy. Cannot reproduce systematically. Each instance seemed to have the exact same timers, yet took its own RAM. Killing each instance in task manager freed up successive RAM.

Thanks for a still useful program; i would especially request a fix of 13 & 14.

Best regards,


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stevie_mac    0

UPDATE 5-Oct-06 - V1.3

Change: Set default "Backlight" option to 'Default' - i.e. use power management settings

Fix: Setting of alert file now saves every time

Fix: Setting for 'always on top' is now remembered

Added: Ability to generate text report (faster)

Added: Default build in alert sound (for those without a suitable 'WAV' on your phone)

Added: Ability to save / load / rename / delete timer sets

Added: Ability to 'Lock' the application itself to prevent accidental pressing of button

Other: Under the hood improvements!

Not quite the list of improvements everyone had asked for, but it should cover a few.

Now all I need is a time machine (or tons of money) so i can finish this & my next smartphone app!

Regards, Steve.

Upon using trying the program for a week, I have some further suggestions

clearstar, the updates mentioned above takes care of 14 & some of your other suggestions to. As the the operation of the backlight not swtching to half power, I'm still stuck at the moment with that one.

If you can think of a set of rules (e.g. if I lock the app & send it to the back (press HOME) then let the light go off etc etc) I'll look at doing that.


Let me know if there is any new concerns with this version.

Bye for now.

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stevie_mac    0

Oh, my bad. The release I made last night had an older binary packaged inside (complete with a couple of problems!)

If you got a copy in the last 6 hours (from this post) then please download again.

Regards, Steve.

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snmca    0


Great App,

I have one question. The stopwatch does not work in standby mode. Is there anyway to keep it running in standby mode?

I'm using it with Treo 700wx with wm5.



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tbalaban    0

This is a wonderful program. Many thanks for your efforts.

I do have request that I'd like you to consider. Can you program the mode to permit a "Display Elapsed Time" mode which would show you the time when you press the timer button but keep the watch running in the background and then allow the ongoing elapsed time to display?

I officiate bicycle races and one discipline is the Time Trial. Each rider's time starts at a specific time (whether the rider is there or not) and the judge records the finish time. It's not unusual to have 100+ racers so being able to stop and read the time while the clock continues is important. Beyond my wildest dreams would be having the ability to store each rider's time as he/she crossed the finish line, including the racer's bib number.

If you need more info on this, please let me know.

Thanks for even considering this request.

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malapeiro    0

hi there,

this seems to be a wonderfull application, but i copy the .cab file to my phone, install it and when i try to run it nothing appends!!! my phone is a motorola mpx220 with WM 2003 se.

any thougs? tkc in advance....

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zs6ro    0

I recently downloaded and installed the stopwatch software onto a Samsung SGH-i780 phone.

Everything appears to be working successfully. Except when the browser is involved in displaying logs or the 'About' screen.

By this I mean the browser will display correctly but when I want to exit the browser, it creates an additional tab/screen and I now have two copies of whatever was displayed. Try to exit again and I gain another window !! If I use the Menu 'exit' or the 'x' in the top right-hand corner, same result.

The browser used is Opera which comes with the phone.

Other than that, I'm

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