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JAVOScreen Skin Bundle Review

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The folks at JAVOedge kindly sent me one of their skin case bundles to take a look at. We wondered particularly if this skin case would fit the M500.

What's in the bundle

The skin case bundle comprises of the following:

JAVOSkin x1

JAVOScreen x1

JAVOSync x1

Link to the bundle is HERE

The bundle comes nicely presented in a box with each part having its own plastic package.


The first thing I 'fitted' to my M500 was the screen protector.

Due to the size of the M500 I have a tendency to slip it into my trouser pocket, mostly this is ok but it’s had a few close shaves with car keys. I really wanted a good screen protector. The one that came in the box with the M1000's was terrible so I had been put of by them.

The thing that is particularly good about the JAVOScreen is that the kit comes with everything you need to apply the protector. In the pack you get a screen cleaning cloth which is made of a really soft material and a card to help apply the protector.

After giving the screen a good clean I pealed the backing off the film and applied it to the screen. The size is perfect which helps you get the thing in the right place and it’s very easy to remove or reposition if you get it wrong.

Mine went on perfect first time!

The JAVOScreen has an anti-glare surface which makes a huge difference to the screen visibility, especially when you are using it outside on a bright day.

This screen protector differs from others on the market in that it does not use a sticky adhesive to fix it to the screen but rather a static coating. This means that you can remove the protector and put it on another device (if you get it replaced for example) of you can take it off and actually wash it!



Another part of the bundle is the JAVOSync cable. These things are excellent! Anyone that travels around a lot and that needs to take a sync or charge cable with them should get one of these.

You can choose black or silver sync cables. Mine is a silver one that goes quite nicely with the silver M500.

For anyone not familiar with what these cables are all about, it’s simple. You pull the ends of the cable out from the middle and the cable unwinds and stops in the fixed position in which you left it. Another tug and the cable retracts back to the middle, small enough to fit in your pocket and it won’t get tangled!

So simple it’s brilliant!


I won’t go in to too much detail here but the JAVOSkin for the JAM does not fit the M500. This is a real shame. It will fit to a point but it’s not quite right, the position of the screen is slightly wrong and the controls don't line up right. You could probably modify the case to fit if you wanted to hack it a bit but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I've passed the JAVOSkin to fellow moderator Disco Stu who is going to review the case separately with his iMate JAM.


If you have a JAM style magician device then I think that the Skin Bundle offers excellent value for money.

I know the JAVOScreen protectors are a bit more expensive than some of the others that you can buy but they really are worth the extra, after all its worth a few pounds to look after your valuable device.

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I've used a 'flexible skin' case with my iMate Jam before and was quite impressed.

They don't add much in the way of weight or bulk and are surprisingly good for protecting your device against drops in car parks etc :roll:

The JAVOskin is similar to the one I had before. Same clear(ish) flexible moulding with a vague stickiness that means you can dump it on the top of your dashboard and it won't move an inch as you drift round the sharpest corners :o

There are cutouts for all the controls and buttons although, as Dade hints above, the mainscreen cutout is about a millimetre out of 'sync' and the power button / SD card slot cutout doesn't quite close over the end of the device.

Without prolonged testing I can't say whether the case will soak up all the dirt & dust it comes into contact with but these things are usually washable.

The main problem above seems to be fixable with a bit of massaging and stretching and I do love the ruggedness the skin gives the device. Combined with the screen protector this is a great solution for keeping your HTC Magician in sleek & shiny condition.


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