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Virgin MMS/GPRS on Orange SPV

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I was wondering if anybody can give me a step by step guide to setting up Virgin MMS/GRPS on an Orange SPV (original one).

I have searched for other similar posts but they are for different phones and refer to menus that don't seem to exist on my Phone.



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I think the only important settings for GPRS regardless of menus are the access point, username and password. For MMS it's the IP address. If you have a place to put those in, then you ought to be in business.

But before that, some networks will require you to activate the features thru SMS or some other way. Maybe your Orange account has been activated that's why you can use the Orange settings without a hitch. My country's network is like that. even if you have the settings in, you won't be able to use MMS/GPRS prior to activation.

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