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ralphsavage    0

I just got an IMATE JAM with recent build off Ebay. The screen whistles. Yup high pitched whine like an old TV monitor. Definetly can hear it. Annoying when on phone as I put phone to ear and hear the whine. I'm probably not under warranty.

I'll just get a blue tooth ear thing and figure on longer calls headsets are more comfortable anyway. Sounds like this is hit or miss with lots of hits. I've gone the route with other electronics from overseas, most recently an MP3 flash player that went through two returns before getting one that's functional but still glitchy.

I turned in my Nokia phone (Smart Phone with Camera) and am getting rid of a Dell Axim X30 for this Imate Jam. I just can't give up the idea of the small thing, serving as my cell as well, camera, and place to do work/dissertation. Head set will be ok. I don't really talk on cell "alot" just an emergency device or a daily Hi Hello to folks.

But it whines. Anyone able to fix this without factory service? I'm sure there are hundreds out there that don't notice this whine. I'm an audiophile with OCD so i'm dead in the water. My Dell Axim for the record does not whine, as didn't my Visor, so this is something about the manufacture of these JAM devices.

I just want companionship in the screen whining world.


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quote=pau101,Sep 4 2005, 18:51]

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to the SPV M500 on the attractive idea of carrying one less item with me day to day.

However I seem to have a problem with the screen making a high pitched sound. This only happens when the screen is on. It does seem to be loudest in the centre of the screen and come from there not the speaker.

It makes no difference if on a call or not. It makes no difference if mute or volume high/low. It seems to make no difference with backlight on/off or any other setting of brightness.

This is the THIRD handset I’ve had from orange now with this problem. I’m not sure three in a row is just coincidence or if there is a problem with the batch??

I spoke to OCS who were unable to comment, only telling me that their computer algorithm reports it as faulty and swap for another one (again).

Has anyone else noticed something similar??

Can those of you with this handset go pick it up, in a quiet room, put the screen near your ear and turn it on / off.




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uzi_999    0


its been a long time since ive logged in on modaco..possibly a year now...

anyways..ill get to the point..ive got an m500 - mgaician - and this is probably what everyone wants to know...

does orange recognise it as a problem, can i go into my local orange store and do the same as i did with my c500, just get it swapped and collect anoter one???

p.s. thanks for pointing it out.. i never noticed the sound until i read about it here... ;)

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mikeeey    0
I don't hear it. BUT humans all have a different level at which they hear things. SO maybe, you can hear the high pitch noise, and maybe I can't because my ears don't hear noises that high pitched. Just a theory.

Whenever a lightbulb is about to blow, I hear a high pitched noise coming from it, and nobody else does. So I think that some people can hear these things and some can't.

well lets test it. who all can hear this noise then?

i can hear it. it sounds like when your ears start to ring.

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