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installing ppcprofiles pro

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Hi guys,

I am new to all this and having just purchased an M500 am getting blown over by all the technical jargon.

I was informed that if I downloaded PPCProfiles Pro then I would be able to save mp3's as a default phone ringtone.

Great I thought!

But now I am stuck. How do you download PPCProfiles Pro onto the M500.

Can somebody please post some really simple instructions... PLEASE



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Hi djtommykitten

You can use mp3 as a ringtone without PPCProfiles-Pro but its harder to use the music file from the storage card without it.

To install the software simply download the exe file to your PC and connect your PPC (M500 ) to it using the activesync partnership.

Run the exe from your PC and the software will be installed on your M500. All the info about what PPCProfiles-Pro can do is in the help but if you cant find the answer there dont be afraid to post a question.

Enjoy :o

EDIT: Get the latest software which is beta6 from the "latest release" thread.

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