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MITAC 83xx connections

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Well, I inherited a Mitac 8380, i know its kinda old but since I don't have too much money to spend on phone I am pretty happy with all the features. Joining a forum like this one is also a nice thing, I have a couple of questions, hopefully someone can help me.

I have bought an earpiece 2.5 mm and it works fine with phone communication but not with the Media Player or other phone sounds. Is it normal? How do you listen to mp3?

I don't have the companion CD so I installed Micrsoft Active Sync.. I bought a zip linq cable and hook it on my PC but nothing happened. Is my cable bad or incompatible?


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is the cable usb? If it isnt you need to select under connection settings in active sync whaet com port to use.

You should get sound in media player, very strange if you dont.

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