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I-Mate JASJAR First Impressions

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Well, imho, this is a BADBOY. :twisted:

It's slightly larger than my m1000 but only slightly. HTC have really thought of pretty much everything. Even when you swivel the screen from landscape to portrait it automatically adjusts itselfs. Speakers sound great, screen is awsome, keyboard is suprsingly useable. For documents, e-mails i would use this. For short texts probably the on screen keyboard in portrait mode.

Anyway, i've been playing, loads to mention. Now if any other of you guys who've just aquired one of these, i'm having problems full screening video. It plays fine in portrait and landscape but when you full screen it it seems to leave the video the same size and just get rid of the players graphics! Odd :shock:

Ok, must go play some more :twisted:

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received mine this morning - agree........... lovely device !!

the imate colour (sort of slate grey with dark grey keyboard) is such a nice change from bright silver !!!

keyboard glows red/orange which is great !! also, it has a sensor that automatically illuminates the keyboard when dark !!

only thing i have noticed..........some programs do not install........well, Seven Alwaysonmail anyway..........perhaps there is some conflict with the internal email???

all in all a great device...........not sure i'll use it as a phone though, kind of reminds me of trigger happy tv !!

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