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GX problem ?

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Hi people,

i'm actually finishing the developement of a game on windows mobile smartphone and im using GAPI for my display engine. Actually i have some trouble and i dont know where it come from...

For example when playing, sometimes there's a small portion of the window screen that appear on the game screen. For example when the system is updating the strength of the network signal the small portion of this information (upper right) appear on the front of the game.

And when i exit the game the bottom of the screen is not updated, i still see a portion of the game. I have to press the start button to have a complete refresh.

Is there something i missing ?

Thanks a lot,


PS : sorry for my english its not my native language.

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This is the same behaviour I get.

But unfortunately, no solution for now.

Post here if you find it! I will do the same!


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yes, im using that maybe im doing something wrong when opening the window. I'm quite lost at the moment.


Have you had a look at maxh2003's tutorials HERE?

They might be of help.

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