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ROM Update not working E200

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I used to update ROM like pro and updated almost 10 times without any problem but on bad day my SPV refuse to update new rom, some of the findings I posting here if someone could get my SPV back to normal.

1) Before the last update I had opend apart the phone and serviced it, after servicing it was working properly

2) When connecting to USB Port Microsoft USB Sync device shows working properly in device manager

3) When updating software get stuck at 0% with message "Erasing SPV software"

4) USBTERM.exe software connects to the phone properly

5) I used USB Monitor software to see activities at the time of update, but after initial query to the phone nothing is communicated between phone and pc

6) I had tried SAP2 update which generate log file when updating, log file say time out error when query the phone

If someone can help me solve the problem, it would be greatly appreciated


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