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Disco Stu

Where is my topic ?

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This section is intended for general Smartphone platform issues and announcements.

Topics relating to specific handsets will be moved to their respective dedicated sections.

If you are asking for help or advice with a problem then the topic will be moved to..................can you guess ? :o

Likewise, if it needs a stylus we're still calling it a Pocket PC Phone Edition device and so those posts will be transferred to that section.

If it runs an operating system that is something other than Windows then it's off to the Non-Windows area.

Usually the thread-starter will receive a PM from the moderator doing the tidying to let them know where their thread has gone.

Tonight it's raining and there is an England football international on television. I need something exciting to do so will be moving all the HTC Tornado (C600, iMate SP5 etc) topics into that section and will not be sending PMs out.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time :(

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Nope but your advertising links are now in the badword filter

Two posts just to advertise = spam

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