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Sim Card Error 1

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Device is XDA IIs, latest ROM

PPCProfiles-Pro version 3.00a 1.02

I have input my SIM password correctly and selecting a profile with Flight Mode off from the flight mode on state works fine.

Problem occurs when I use the quick switch function to take the phone offline for a period of time. On trying to deactivate flight mode, the error box pops up 'Sim Error 1', and then flight mode is deactivated (the phone connects ok)

Any ideas? I had this happen when I had apps installed, but I have just reproduced it with PPCP-Pro as the only app installed after a hard reset.

BTW, great program Bretto

Update: Tried it with another Sim and got the same error, eventhough I was able to get a signal and use the phone

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I think your saying that flightmode is turning off and on ok but there is a messagebox popping up.

Could be a timing issue. I think the messagebox is reporting falsely.

What happens is that the program tries to start the radio (turn flightmode off) and then checks to see if the radio is waiting for a password. If it is then supplies the password and then the radio continues to be turned on.

Sounds like in your case the error trap is kicking in faster than it should.

Stay tuned for a new beta which will address this.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Yeah thats it, seemed like a timing issue. Also, I see several other issues which may have been mentioned by others;

1/ All functions (except for this error issue) work fine initially, but after a while the Setup screen does not appear when the button pressed

2/ As per 1, I lose the ability to bring up the bluetooth manager screen, although I am able to turn bluetooth on and off. Admittedly I am unsure if this is releated to your app, but I have done a hard reset today and am installing apps one by one to see whether they are the cause....so far it seems to be related to PPCP-Pro

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