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Parrot CK3100 Car Kit and Car amplifiers.

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help.

Has anyone installed a Parrot CK3100 Car kit to work in conjunction with a car amplifier instead of just using the head unit ?

At the moment my JVC KD SH707 head unit is driving the 4 directly.

The Parrot unit is wired inline though the included adapter cable to the JVC and automatically sends the sound to my cars speakers when I receive or make a call.

The muting is done via the parrot control box. I don’t have a phone mute cable on the head unit so I’m not using the line out cables from the CK3100. (The JVC line-in is also taken up by my JVC CD changer)

I want to add an amp into my setup to power the front speakers and a sub.

The JVC has 3 pre-outs sets, front, back and sub. I’ll be sending the front and sub outputs to a 4 channel amp using the front channel for the front speakers and the rear channel on the amp for the sub.

The rear speakers will continue to be powered off the head unit. I’m planning to run the front speaker wires back up to the head unit, where I’ll connect them to the existing ISO loom to feed off to the actual speakers via the existing car wiring. (Obviously won’t be connecting the front JVC ISO output up as well)

Anyone know how can I get the CK3100 to work with this setup?

At the moment think I’ve few possible solutions.

-- I could just connect the CK3100 back inline on the front speakers after they’ve come back from the amp (as it is now in effect), but I’ve heard the relay in the parrot unit might not be able to cope with the higher amplified signal. Also this wouldn’t mute the sub. (Not the end of the world I can just turn the stereo down)

-- I could swap the CK3100 to intercept the back speaker feed from the head unit and just manually turn the stereo down when I receive a call.

-- I could purchase a speaker to line level adapter and take the combined audio & parrot audio, once its been through the parrot switch box to the amp. (Hoping this isn't the only way line level adapters tend to introduce noise into the feed)

Anyone know if there are any adapter leads that would help? Or any other setups that would allow me to use the CK3100 with the amp?

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