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Orange Failed SIM Card

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Yesterday my C550 started displaying "Invalid or missing SIM". Did the usual checks and confirmed the problem is definitely with the SIM - it is dead.

I thought my next step would be easy, ring Orange and explain the problem, wait a day for a new SIM, register it, away we go. Oh no, I forgot exactly how far downhill OCS has gone over the last few years.

I explained that I had proved my SIM was faulty and could they send a new one. Alas, it was not that easy, first he had to check for network faults in the area (I've never once called OCS and found the problem mightn't be due to "a faulty transmitter in my area"). The poor guy's system then stated he had to send the call to "Technical Support" who would get back to me (previous experience suggests they won't bother).

So today, just to make sure I hadn't been forgotten about, I called to check on progress of my case. Unsurprisingly, still waiting on Technical Support who should be able to look at it "some time this week".

I enquired as to what would have happened if rather than being faulty, my SIM had been lost or stolen. I was told a new one would be sent out straight away (possibly at a cost depending on insurance etc). I suggested that a situation where careless customers or those who are victims of crime receive better treatment than those whose equipment develops a fault is surely, absurd. No movement.

So I've currently got a useless handset (and paying line rental for a non-existant service which I'm pretty sure I'll not get back as "Orange Customer Services" really seem to have lost the ability to offer any kind of Service to Customers).

Anyone any ideas on what I can say to Orange to get them moving?

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I'd have said you were within rights to request some credit to cover the days you're without service...

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