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Qstarz BT-Q770 pairing with e200

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I have an SPV e200 and a Qstarz BT-q770 Bluetooth GPS. Although I can get the two as abluetooth bonded pair, that's about as far as I get. The GPS doesn't ever seem to communiate with the phone. Anyone any ideas what I might try?


I have now tried the GPS pairing with a bluetooth PC - it works. Also the e200 will pair with the PC, so no problem with that. I thought it might be that my phone is application locked - I read in a thread somewhere that this may cause issues with transmission over bluetooth.

I have tried to app unlock the phone, but haven't established OTA unlocking. So two questions:

1) Does anyone think the issues with connectivity could be due to apps lock

2) Is there a way to app unlock without going OTA

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I'm told by a colleague with the same phone that he has exactly the same problems. App unlocking doesn't change anything.

It sounds like a problem with the Orange implemantation of this phone software. Is there anyway to re-flash the rom to replace the core software?

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