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animated homescreens in E100

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Acquiring a Smartphone was one of the best things that ever happened to me,even though it's just a simple E100. It may not be a C500,but at least its better than the early Nokia series 60 phones like the 3650,w/the better screen and all.

Anyways,I tried installing one of those animated homescreens,but it doesn't seem to work,as only the standard info was shown (time,date,SMS info,etc.) but no graphics,animated or otherwise. Do animated homescreens work with the SPV-E100?

UPDATE: Through scanning the various forums, I found out that so far, there is

no way to do it unless you have a Smartphone 2003,which I don't. :cry:

Oh,well,you can't win 'em all. Here's hoping someone will prove me wrong...

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Just to note for anyone else reading this you also need the animated homescreen plugin to enable animated homescreens.

Available HERE

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