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Samsung i300 on Orange

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I have recently been given a shiny new Samsung i300 which is primarily on the o2 network, I want to use it with my contract Orange SIM as well until I make the choice of which networks to go with long term, is their such a thing as a download which will setup the i300 to work on either Orange or o2 depending which SIM I have inside? can the settings be changed by a program/application, has anybody written such a program thing (if it existed it would be called SIM/Network chooser) I guess.... by the way the i300 is unlocked from supply.

Any help advice would be greatly appreaciated - For those of you who are interested the Samsung i300 is a fantastic piece of kit ;)

Happy New Year to you all !!!

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I'm running a simple twin SIM adapter in mine from mobilefun. As you said o2 genrally don't lock their phones which is useful. I switch between o2 personal and vodafone for work.

Find it here - http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/4989.htm

or there is and advanced one as well but reviews werent as good. You do need to purchase a sim cutter as well which they also sell.

The only setting i have found which needs a manual change when switching between sims is the MMS account. SMS is dealt with automatically.

Start> Messaging> MMS> Menu> Options> Account Setup> MMS

1,1,menu,8,5,1, ok, 'highlight & select relevant account' ok etc.

In here you can select the MMS account to use.

It does mean that the initial setup means going through and putting the Orange GPRS settings in as well as the o2 settings. Its a bit laborious to start with but once you get the settings in and the number sequence in you r head you can do it quite quickly.

Also turning flight mode On & Off switches between sims the same as turning the phone off but is much quicker as you dont have to wait for a shutdown & reboot.

Hope this is remotely useful.

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