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Hi Guys Need Help...

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Guys sorry for the Nwebie questions but it kinda my 1st time to change roms in my SPV Unilt! (TNx for your Time Guys! yur the best! ;) )

I found an i-mate update. The File is (CDL i-mate MSN Fix Upgrade 10.9MB) is i-mate better than Qtek or is it the same? when i upgrade into Qtke or i-mate ROMS will it be (Open Line?) Mean i can use different sim or i still have to Unlock then?? Tnx guys fo your Time! :D :D

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Changing roms will not sim unlock your phone, that is a seperate process.

As for Qtek and I-Mate they are just seperate companies and so their roms will be slightly different but there are no real big differences between them.

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