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venusdiablo    0

Right, after having the phone for 3 months I finally decided to sit down and spend some quality time with it.

Bad Idea.

Two main problems:

1) I cant get tcpmp to work on it, when it installs it tells me that the software was not designed for this mobile device (program doesn't come up in activesync either). Can someone talk me through _reeeeeally_ slowly ways I can get my avi files to play on the device or am I going to have to change them all to wmv?

2) Bluetooth isn't working. Set as discoverable and people can find the device when they search but it then fails to connect on their side. This did work when I first had the phone. ;)

My phone is smarter than me...

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mafioso    0

Basically the phone device doesnt support avi files because there are codecs needed. They way i found was, convert them into.mp4 format (ipod standard), youll have to google software, then play the movies using the samsung media player that came with the phone, (well it came with mmine), if not youll have to find windows mobile compliant codecs, google that see what you get.

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tranhieucn    0
Eventually found out how to perform hard reset.

Turn off phone.

Hold Power button and 0 until password screen appears.

Type password (1234 in my case).

Screen said it was formatting phone, after about 5mins phone rebooted twice and is now working. Contents of HDD intact. Phone memory wiped...everything back to factory settings

I enter password (1234) the phone not work ??? why ??? help me !!!


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