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Hello world,

this is only my second post, so be gentle.....

Have had my i300 from O2 for a month now and it's fantastic. ;)

But did I miss something between all the hype and finally getting the fone in my grubby little mitts!!!

All the teasers since march showed the fone running windows mobile 5. I was dissapointed to find that a fone of this calibre has been issued running windows mobile 2003 2nd edition!!! :??: Nothing wrong with that other than its out of date.

Contacted O2 and they didnt have a clue what i was on about, Samsung were none the wiser either.

Does anybody have any inside information on this??? or has anyone received an i300 with WM5 on it?

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Thanks for that. Just wanted to make sure we weren't being duped with a cheaper build option.

Was there any industry blurb as to reasons why the final release didnt have WM5? Its all gone a bit quite on that front.

I Agree, samsungs build is very quick and user friendly with a lot of good independant button functions. Their condensed version of media player is very quick to use.The only thing i miss from my C500 is the ability for loudspeaker function for phone calls & voicemail. i've looked everywhere i can think of on the phone but it doesn't seem to be there. Shame as the speakers are v.good.

As an adside. I can also post the correct O2 MMS settings below if anyone had the same problem i did with the O2 Loaded settings not working. Mine works fine now.

O2 dont seem to be able to offer much support for the Windows mobile system at the mo. You can almost hear the blank looks over the phone. :roll:

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No, they are all 2003SE.


Not anymore t'would seem with the technically identical other than a 4gb disk i300x. Hope there is an upgrade path though. Just seems they were offloading older units before releasing the 300x - there is no mention on samsung's site of the i300 (2003) now.


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Hi people! Sorry for my bad english, i from Russia ;) Anybody know, how upgrate firmware on i300á or it is impossible? They i may get the firmware?


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