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Following the recent posts and my own concerns regarding the samsung i300 & i300x scenario, i managed to speak to some guys at Samsung technical Dept who were actually very helpful.

Obviously not quoting directly but from discussions with samsung i can gather :

1) The i300 should remain fully supported. ;)

2) Despite current articles, The i300x currently is not due to be released with WM5 and the only difference will be the extra 1GB, but without liasing with Korea there is no firm confirmation untill units are fully released. :??: so by the time it comes out... who knows... there's still hope.

3) In view of (2) there are currently no software upgrades available to WM5 and they have not been advised of any in the near future. :cry:

Couldn't really get an answer regarding what happend between all the SGH-i300 & WM5 hype and the unit released with WM 2003.

Also no real feedback on any patches to fix bugs like the low memory Freeze-out which requires a hard reset.

couldnt advise on any further advances on slim battery capacity - There's not really any dialogue route with R&D until products enter the public domain.

As you can see no-one really commits to anything until units go on sale so things will probably change by the day.

I guess we'll just have to let the press do their thing and wait until someone actually has a production version of the i300x in their mitts to get the full story.

Both O2 and Samsung websites are cagey in that neither confirm which Windows OS is installed in either unit. :|

Hope the above is of some use to someone.

If anyone has got any further updates I'd be more than interested. Has anyone got any discussion channels through Microsoft in all of this?? Cant find the i300 on Microsofts list of Smartphones which is confusing?!

All a big storm in a teacup i know, as the Samsung 2003 Build is v.good. Just a lot of dissapointed faces after all the industry hype i guess.

Gonna stop bitching about the bad bits now and go try do some useful things with my i300 . 8)

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