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[SM2002] Problems with installing files

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Hi all,

Let me introduce myself, I'm Robin, 17 years old and I live in The Netherlands. Two weeks ago I bought a Motorola MPx200 from friends of my parents, but because I'm interested in the abilities of the mobile phone, I wanted to install some applications for my phone. Well here starts the problem, if I want to install something it automaticly says: Omega One Battery Pack Pro.cab is installing etc. etc. , and that when I want to install a whole different file. Can somebody help me?

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Welcome to the site :)

The reason you are getting this message is that the Omega app was a failed install and so the phone is confused.

What you need to do is explore the phone with Activesync and go to the following location.

IPSM\Windows\AppMgr\Install then delete the file you find in the Install folder.

Once you hae done this you can then install the app you want without a problem.

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