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Memory Help! Please Read! Seagate gb ST1 Drive

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Hello, recently i salvaged my old broken mp3 player to see if i can pawn some of the stuff inside it. I had dropped the player and the joystick broke therefore it was unusable. I wanted to get some form of replacement for an mp3 player so i decided to set about getting a large mini sd card for my c550

this was the mp3 player


So i started opening up my mp3 player when i came across a hardrive called the Seagate 5gb ST1 Drive.

I have looked around on the net and it came up with things about Compact Flash cards that look like this 23_1_b.JPG (plz note this was one on ebay Not Mine)

My card has a ribbon on it connecting to the circuitry

here are the pictures i took.







(circuitry it connected 2)


(next to an old compact flash card)


So as you might be able to tell im really quite puzzled.

I need help from you guys


1.) What is this?

2.) What is this worth

3.) How much should i sell it for

4.) Do you think any one would buy it

5.) Should i sell it with the other 64mb CF card

6.) Should i sell it with the mp3 player circuitry

7.) Are 4gb Mini Sd Cards availiby yet.

8.) How much would i get for a 512mb mini sd card.

Thank you guys so much in advance

you see im really glad i found this as i have a feeling it mite be worth a little sum

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I have no idea about the other questions, but :

7. No. At least not to the likes of you or I.

8. Moby Memory sell them new for £23.99 so, second hand, I wouldn't expect more than £15.

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Im really glad i found this in my mp3 player, ppl are selling these as well, but they look like compact flash cards.

Im pretty sure this is a microdrive, is this the same as the one in the Samsung i300??

there being sold for like 80 90 100 quid!!! so if a 4gb comes out soon at £160 i can buy one if i sell my microdrive both memory cards and get a few quid ive been saving up for somthing out the bank!!

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i think im just going to go and sell it for £90 free p+p see wot happens, and just say no refunds.

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