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newb with stupid questions!

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hey i just got an i 600 this is the only open forum on the i600 that is still running to date... i was just wondering if i could get some ideas

i bought a phone off of e-bay and it had 2864 on the description... but i dont know if it has the 2003 version of windows on it(they didnt put it in the description).... i was wondering if anyone would so happen to know if this could point me out to the version number... it will still be a couple of days before it arrives...

the cool part is i got it for 100$ with 3 batteries, case, charger, cradle and the company has a great rep! their ebay name was OldCellPhone. they had the cheapest unit and the best deal for it... it even has a waranty!

i read so many bad reviews... made this phone sound like it's going to be another 7135 nightmare again.

but i am in best hopes for this phone as it seemed best fitted for me.

well i just really wanted to say Ohla. nobody be to harsh on the newb!

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