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OmapClock n' PocketSnes on MPX200

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Hey guyz,

You've probably heard of the new overclocking app called OmapClock. What it can do sounds great.

When I run the .exe, it says that it can't find OmapClock.exe or its components, check the name of the file and libraries.

I have the very same message when I run PocketSnes.exe

N E 1' s got a clue? ? ?

I can't wait to test it on my Motorola.

Is this because those appz don't work under WM2002? :)

PS:If you're Sega fans, especially the Genesis (or Megadrive), try Picodrive. It runs smooth on MPX200.

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You've got to upgrade to wm2003 first.

PocketSNES will work on it but i think Omap won't work.

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