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O2 GPRS charge at MPX200

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My MPX200 uses O2 PAYG. I noticed one thing a bit strange. When I use GPRS to access to internet, O2 charges me a lot. For example, when I open BBC news front page through IE, I could pay 50p. Then I realised that is because IE down load the whole page including a lot of images. Then I tried to access BBS news/mobile. This is a WAP cite designed for mobile phone. But I still have to pay a lot. For example, I read two news and paid 80p. Then I use Sony 700K GPRS (not windows based) to access the same cite and I found I paied 80p for reading ten news.

Anyone knows why the difference? Is it because of IE?

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You will only be charged for the data you recieve, on the sony do you get exactly the same page and the same graphics etc?

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